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Nick Petrangelo, the course instructor, often makes decisions regarding the biggest pots in the world of poker. It’s obvious that his choices have been lucrative, considering he has accrued $23,000,000 in winnings. In this course, Nick explains how to modify your strategy when you’re playing with a top prize on the line instead of merely for chips.

Upswing Poker ICM Unmasked

Upswing Poker, ICM Unmasked is a comprehensive course created by Nick Petrangelo that provides players with an in-depth look into the Independent Chip Model (ICM) of poker. The course covers a variety of topics, including ICM principles and strategies, big tournament structures, efficient stack management, and more.

This course is ideal for any poker player looking to get the most out of their tournament play, as it provides an in-depth look into the ICM that is necessary for success. The course also provides comprehensive information about how to manage stacks, adjust to varying tournament structures, and apply ICM-related strategies and tactics.

The course is broken into 8 modules and divided into 3 parts: ICM Fundamentals, Tournament Structure and Stack Management, and Advanced ICM Strategies and Tactics. In each module, Nick Petrangelo goes into detail about the specific concepts involved and provides numerous examples to illustrate the concepts.

The first module provides an introduction to the ICM and its principles and strategies. It covers topics such as basic ICM principles, chip EV, considering the blinds, early and late-stage stack sizes, and more.

In the second module, “Tournament Structure and Stack Management,” Nick Petrangelo talks about adjusting to various tournament structures and provides efficient stack management strategies. Topics discussed include M-ratio and M-ratio adjustment, late-game stack sizes and their effects, optimal play with varying stack sizes, and more.

In the third module, Nick Petrangelo goes into detail about the important ICM-related strategies and tactics. He covers topics such as exploitation, short-stack strategies, ICM-based bluffing and bet sizing, and more.

The fourth module covers ICM-related concepts and strategies from a different angle. This includes improving performance in deep-stack tournaments, analyzing tournament equity, headsup strategies for varying stack sizes, and more.

The fifth module covers topics on M-ratio adjustments and how it affects play. It provides detailed information regarding M-ratio adjustments, applying the M-ratio to various tournament structures, and more.

The sixth module covers a variety of topics related to ICM-based play in short-handed tournaments. It provides strategies and tactics for playing short-handed


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