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Upswing AI Libratus VS Human Brains Challenge


Meet the poker super bot: Libratus. Join Doug Polk as he takes you through his analysis and what was learned from Libratus.

The Upswing AI Libratus vs Human Brains Challenge is a competition between AI and humans to determine which is better at playing poker. In 2017, the AI system, Libratus, developed by Carnegie Mellon University beat four professional poker players in a 20-day, 120,000-hand challenge, proving the superiority of AI in the game.

The challenge was divided into three phases. During the first phase, the AI system developed an initial strategy that was used in the second phase. The third phase was the real test where humans had to compete against Libratus.

The results of the challenge were unexpected. Despite the professional poker players’ years of experience and knowledge in the game, Libratus was able to outsmart them easily. The AI system had developed a strategy that was able to outsmart and outplay the humans. As a result, Libratus was able to win the challenge with $1.7 million in chips.

The Upswing AI Libratus vs Human Brains Challenge has been a major milestone in the history of artificial intelligence and its capabilities. The victory of the AI system has shown that AI is capable of outperforming humans

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