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Providing readers a thorough tutorial, sixteen hands are explored in detail, from the flop all the way through the river, evaluating each move and providing potential deviations that could be taken to gain an advantage. Additionally, twenty-five essays are included to give a sound basis for perfecting one’s Pot-Limit Omaha play. Special attention is given to the practical application of game theory in order to exploit opponents.

QuickPro PLO 3Bet Pots GTO Package is a comprehensive guide to crushing your opponents in 3Bet pots at the micros. Learn the top strategies of a 10+ year poker pro and get access to 6.5 hours of video tutorials with GTO expert Cory Mikesell and WSOP Champion John Beauprez. With this package, you will get hundreds of never before seen “Strategy Graphs”, clear and concise explanations of GTO strategies, 16 in-depth hand examples from flop to the river, and 25 complimentary essays delivering an unshakable foundation for GTO play.

For those looking for a cheap and effective way to learn and improve their 3Bet pots game, QuickPro PLO 3Bet Pots GTO Package is the perfect solution. With a one-time payment of just $49, you get access to the video course. This package provides a comprehensive guide to becoming a master in the field of 3Bet pots and provides the perfect foundation for any beginner or seasoned player in the game.


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