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Dynamic Blind Defence is an extensive and well-structured program that helps individuals to understand the thought process behind creating range. Phil provides an excellent foundation on not just ‘how’ but also ‘why’ it is necessary to construct preflop range in a particular way.

Dynamic Blind Defence is an awesome package that comes with 10 core lectures, giving you over 6 hours of top-notch instruction on how to construct pre-flop ranges from the blinds with the aim to maximize your profits given the potential flop textures. It also has a section dedicated to Small Blind gaming, telling you how to adjust to min-raises, how to handle various opening widths, and how to tweak your ranges to take advantage of certain players' habits. Additionally, it has a complete guide to building 3-betting ranges from the Big Blind, that includes the essential contrasts between Big and Small Blind ranges. On top of that, each video has an "Actions for Winners" part that will let you quickly review the most important concepts you've learned, and last but not least the course includes A library PDF that outlines the most prominent ranges featured in the video tutorials is available. The ranges have been classified into effective hand ranks and they can be imported into your poker program in order to conduct your own simulations.

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