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Upswing Advanced Cash Game Strategy With Kanu7


Advanced Cash Game Strategy is an in-depth learning program intended for dedicated players of cash games. It is instructed by the well-known poker player, Alex “Kanu7” Millar, who has been one of the most successful cash game players in the history of online poker. Alex has put together his extensive career and many hours of studying to make this course the most thoroughly researched out there! Plus, a Bonus Module on how to Play Like LLinus is also included!

Advanced Cash Game Strategy With Kanu7

Are you looking to take your poker game to the next level? Kanu7 is one of the best cash game players in the world and has mastered the strategy needed to succeed in cash games. In this article, we will discuss Kanu7’s advanced cash game strategy and how to use it to improve your own game.

First, Kanu7 stresses the importance of table selection. You want to select tables with players that are weaker than you and are likely to make mistakes. The weaker the players, the easier it will be to exploit their weaknesses.

Kanu7 also recommends making small preflop raises. By making small raises, you can often get weaker players to call and give you a large pot with small risk. This also allows you to get small edges more often and slowly build your stack.

Kanu7 is a big proponent of playing a tight and aggressive style of poker. This means playing only strong hands and raising with them preflop. This is also known as being aggressive, as you are raising instead of calling or limping with your strong hands. This puts pressure on your opponents and allows you to take down more pots.

Finally, Kanu7 suggests that you use post-flop aggression to exploit your opponents. If you hit your hand on the flop, you should be betting and raising to take down the pot. This allows you to get value from your strong hands and also allows you to bluff your opponents out of the pot when you don’t hit.

By using the advanced cash game strategy of Kanu7, you can take your game to the next level. Table selection, small preflop raises, tight and aggressive play, and post-flop aggression are all key elements of Kanu7’s strategy. Implementing these techniques into your own game can pay off in a big way and help you become a better player.


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