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Download Cardquant PLO Poker Math 2020 Preflop Principles


This preflop class is an absolute must-have for anyone looking to address their frequent errors in Pot Limit Omaha. It also provides the basics for setting up strong ranges from any position. The sequence of the course is put together perfectly, and anyone who studies it, even for PLO 100, will gain a great return on their investment.

What is Cardquant PLO Poker Math 2020 Preflop Principles?

The Cardquant PLO Poker Math 2020 Preflop Principles is an affordable and comprehensive poker course for those looking to improve their skills in Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO). This course was created by professional PLO poker player and coach, Jay Tan, and provides detailed information on preflop strategies and tools that can be used to maximize profits and minimize losses in PLO games. The course covers everything from preflop range construction, pot-odds calculations, and using solvers to improve preflop play.

The course also includes a variety of study materials, including hand histories, quizzes, and interactive tutorials. The course is designed to be accessible to players of all levels, from beginners to pros. It also provides detailed information on the various mathematics behind PLO poker and the various strategies used to win in the game.

Benefits of Downloading Cardquant PLO Poker Math 2020 Preflop Principles

There are many benefits to downloading the Cardquant PLO Poker Math 2020 Preflop Principles. Firstly, it is an affordable way to learn the basics of preflop play in PLO. The course includes detailed information on how to construct preflop ranges and how to use pot-odds calculations when making decisions. Additionally, the course provides access to a variety of study materials, including hand histories, quizzes, and visual tutorials.

The course also provides users with access to a powerful solver. The solver can be used to simulate any scenario and determine the most profitable play in any given situation. This allows users to quickly identify mistakes they may be making in their preflop play, and make corrections to their playstyle. This makes the course extremely valuable to players of any skill level looking to improve their preflop play.

Finally, the course is incredibly comprehensive. It provides detailed information on all aspects of preflop play and provides players with the knowledge and tools they need to become an expert in the game. This makes the course an excellent resource for players of all skill levels looking to become successful at PLO.


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