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Blackrain 79 Elite Poker University is an online poker academy and community founded by world-renowned professional player and coach, Nathan “Blackrain79” Williams. With over a decade of experience in the game, Nathan has created a unique educational platform to help players of all levels improve their poker skills and maximize their winnings at the tables. The university offers interactive courses, webinars, and coaching sessions with Nathan. With the best instructors in the business and top-notch content, Blackrain 79 Elite Poker University offers the ultimate poker education.



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Blackrain 79 Elite Poker University

Blackrain 79 Elite Poker University is an online poker school and community dedicated to teaching beginners and advanced poker players the skills and strategies of a winning poker player. Founded in 2013 by professional poker player Nathan “Blackrain79” Williams, the university offers hundreds of hours of content and resources for players of all skill levels.

The school offers a variety of courses, including free courses for beginners, as well as more in-depth courses for experienced players. These courses cover topics such as game theory, hand analysis, and bankroll management. Additionally, students can purchase one-on-one lessons with Blackrain79 and other members of the school’s faculty to receive personalized guidance and advice.

The Blackrain79 Elite Poker University also provides a community of poker players and professionals who are all dedicated to helping each other become better players. This includes monthly events, sharing of poker hands, and discussions in the school’s forums. Additionally, they host live streams of professional poker tournaments and players can access the school’s private Discord server to talk with other members.

The school’s commitment to providing high-quality education and resources makes Blackrain79 Elite Poker University a great place for poker players of any skill level to learn and improve their game. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started or an experienced player looking for a fresh perspective, you can be sure that the school’s faculty, resources, and community will help you become a better poker player.




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